Sump Pump Monitor (SPM) App

The Sump Pump Monitor App listens to your Sump Pump’s activity and creates informative reports and alerts. Observe Sump Pump patterns, capabilities, and live status. View daily run logs and historical weekly and monthly run totals.

Based on a statistical analysis of your Sump Pump’s run frequency, our App calculates predictive “next run” and “past due” states. Optional email alerts can be configured for these predictive states, e.g. ‘there is a 99.9% chance your sump pump is past due’.

Flexible alerting configurable for both email and text. Real-time water level alerting combined with predictive state information provides a powerful monitoring system. Protect your property with the Sump Pump Monitor.

SPM Documentation

The free App pairs with our WiFi enabled Sump Pump Monitor device