Phone Place

Phone Place is a phone number and places search app. Enter a phone number, either US or International, and result will show map with location description, time, caller ID, and phone type. Result sets differ per country with US numbers generally returning the most detailed information. Phone number location is best estimate based on a number of criteria. Most locations will not be the exact geo-location of the phone device.

Phone lookup results additionally have places search (food, hotel, etc.) near the phone number, weather, or location census report. Searches are saved automatically in the main panel beneath the input box.

By default, the Phone Place homescreen is a places search menu for your current location providing a handy functionality independent of phone number lookups.

Phone Place is a free install and without advertisements. iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablet, and Desktop.


Phone Place

Phone Place. Yours and others.

Quick and easy place locator. Each phone number search is added to a customizable list. Import into contacts, edit, call, & text.

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Lookup Results. Worldwide.

Map with location description, time, caller ID. Search for places around the lookup !

Explore. Find your spots.

One tap, many choices. Reviews, addresses, details, and more phone numbers.

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Analytics. Weather.

5 day forecast. Population analytics; local, county and state levels.