Qi Wireless Charger

Qi is a global wireless charging standard based on the time tested principles of inductive charge transfer. The future of charging will increasingly include the wireless component for convenience, standardization, and better design. PowerQI's T-100 wireless charger is a leader in its class. Qi certified, meticulously engineered, attractive appearance, and value-priced.

Includes charging pad, 5V Micro USB Charge cable, AC/DC Adapter, & user manual in neat retail package.

Does my phone have Qi built-in ?

A mobile device is Qi compatible if it contains a wireless receiver, i.e., an inductive charge collector. Many makers have already adopted the Qi standard. Most others can be easily made to work with an add-on case with charge receiver.

Qi Compatible (YES)
Nokia models 1520, 928, 920, 820; LG G2, LG LTE2, MOTO X, Google Nexus5 & Nexus4, HTC 8X, HTC Butterfly SHARP SH13C; more ...

Qi Compatible (NO)
iPhone5/5s/5c; Samsung S5, S4, S3, Note 3, Note 2; Nokia 1020, 925, 810, 720; mores ...

Operation flows

Operation flows

Charging LED

Charging LED.

Green means charging pad is powered and available to charge device. Once device is placed on pad, LED will turn Blue. Blue indicates a successful charge transfer with mobile device.

UV Paint.

Luminescent paint gives sharp, polished finish.

UV Paint
5V Micro USB

Standard Connectors.

Standard 5V Micro USB cable. Long 5 foot (1.5m) length for easy hookup to laptop & computer USB ports or the provided AC/DC Adapter. The USB cable is "Charge Only", no data sync. Charge only USB cables are always secure and prevent possible malfeasance on either side of the connection.


Base Unit:

- PowerQI Model T-100

- Case input: 5V, 1500mA

- 147 x 80 x 9mm (5.8 x 3.1 x 0.3inches)

AC/DC Adapter & cable:

- 100-240V-50/60Hz, 0.5A

- UL, FCC certified

- Micro USB cable length of 5 feet


- Weight: 0.45kg (1.0lb)

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